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Themed Chess Sets

Our themed chess sets made of the highest quality resin or pewter material and the finest board materials like Rosewood, Leather and Gray---

Wood Chess Sets

Wood is the most common material used in chess sets, and it's many varieties, colors and designs come from all around the world.---

Welcome to ChessWarehouse

Here at ChessWarehouse we love chess and we appreciate fine art. We know that a beautiful chess set is more than something meant for a game - we understand a fine chess set can bring elegance and beauty to your home or office. 

This is why we sell only the best high-end chess sets and chess pieces here at ChessWarehouse. Thank you for visiting!

What our users say

Helen M.

I can't remember any customer service experience more pleasant than the one I had with  Don't hesitate to contact them, they will listen and do all they can help you out!
- Helen M.

Larry H.

Ordered a blue and white alabaster chess set. Beautiful, I couldn't be happier with it. Arrived in just a few days.
- Larry H.