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Metal & Brass Chess Sets

Metal Chess Sets

Our metal chess set collection contains sets with metal pieces, paired with boards made from variety of different materials.

These chess sets are great for both those who are looking for an elegant decorative piece and those looking for chess pieces with a quality feel.


The beautiful chess pieces in these sets are made from brass, pewter, or aluminum. 

All of these chess pieces come paired with a chessboard. The chessboards in this collection are made from a variety of materials including metal (or part metal, wood, and more.

Quality Feel of Metal Chessmen

If you haven't yet played with metal chess pieces, you're in for a treat. The first time you play with these chessmen you'll be amazed at the quality feel they, when compared to pieces made from other materials. 


By browsing our collection of metal chess sets, you'll quickly see there are many fantastic styles featured. Many of these sets come with incredibly unique chess pieces.