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Chess Pieces

Choosing the Perfect Chess Pieces

Finding the right chess pieces to fit your style can seem daunting with such a great number of options available at ChessWarehouse. Whether you plan to play with these pieces every day or use them as a part of a chess set decoration, we understand the need to find the perfect pieces. For this reason we've created this guide that includes tips to consider when buying chess pieces.

Style of Pieces

Staunton chess pieces are the most common style of chess pieces (pictured below). The Staunton design was created in the early 19th century to be a universally recognized style of chess piece. This would allow players from all around the world to compete in the game of chess, while being able to easily identify the pieces.

Today staunton chess pieces are still used by the World Chess Federation and are the most popular option for chess enthusiast. If you plan to play regularly you may want to consider opting for staunton style pieces.

staunton chess pieces

If you're purchasing a chess set more for decorative purposes or you just want something different, be sure to browse our unique and themed chess pieces. We offer pieces in a large variety of unique styles and themes for any personal style.

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One of the largest factors of personal preference of chess pieces is the material the pieces are made from. Various materials can greatly change the appearance of pieces, so it's important to find the material that best fits your style.

The most common style of chess pieces we carry are made from wood. We carry many types of wooden chess pieces include those made from ebony, ebonized wood, honey rosewood, cardinal rosewood, and crimson rosewood.

Chess pieces are also commonly made in various metals.  Metals used in our chess pieces include brass and aluminum.  

In addition to the more common materials, we also offer chess pieces made from some truly unique materials including marble alabaster.  Chess pieces and boards made from these materials can really set your chess set apart.

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The weight of chess pieces is a large contributing factor in the feel and stability of piece sets. Heavier pieces typically feel more stable and most people prefer them.

It's important to remember pieces made from some materials will naturally be heavier than others. For example brass and marble pieces will typically be heavier than wood pieces. If you want heavier pieces, look for Triple Weighted.

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If you would like more help finding the perfect chess pieces for you or a loved one, please feel free contact us for any additional help you need.