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What Makes the Perfect Travel Chess Set

Posted by Kristian Jeffrey on

What makes the perfect travel chess set

Chess players know that playing chess is like travelling in a Flux Capacity powered DeLorean and that it can make time fly by. The great thing about the game of chess is that it can be played almost everywhere – and all you will need is a chess board with the pieces, and an opponent – and optionally, a chess clock. So, if you have all of the ingredients, then it means that you can play chess and have fun with it.

But what happens when you travel? It can surely be impractical for you to bring a big chess board with all of the pieces on board in a vehicle. This would mean that it would be highly impractical to play chess while travelling. While this is true for the big chess boards – you will still be delighted to know that you can purchase special travel chess sets with their distinctive characteristics which make them perfect to use when travelling.

For one, the perfect travel chess set needs to be relatively small and compact. Again, it won’t do you any good if you bring a huge chess board on board a bus. So, compactness is something that you should look out for – some chess boards are so small that they can even fit in your pocket. You don’t need to go to that extreme – but it’s still nice to know that you can find smaller travel chess sets.

Next off, it would do you well to find a chess board with magnetic pieces. Again, if you travel in a bus, for example, the constant shifts due to the force of inertia might cause the pieces to fall off from the board, or at the very least to change positions on the board. Nothing could be worse than being in the middle of a hard chess game, fully focused, and then the bus you’re in suddenly changes the direction while driving, and the pieces end up falling off. So, magnetic pieces take care of this potential issue, and they do so very effectively.

Finally, you can find electronic travel chess sets. In all cases, you will need an opponent if you want to play chess anywhere, including while travelling. Well, if you have no real-life friend you can play with for the moment, you could by an electronic travel chess set. You can then use this set so that you can play against the computer. The experience is not quite the same like that of playing against a real player – but it serves the purpose of practicality and it will enable you to play chess at a time when you have nobody to play against – which is always a nice thing.

The other option is to play chess on your cell phone, there are some great apps available and I'd recommend Shredder Chess for all phones however, playing with a friend on a mobile phone is not as fulfilling as playing on a physical chess set and it drains your battery too which is not great when travelling.

So, as you can see, there are many advantages of purchasing a compact travel chess set. You will be able to do something productive while you’re travelling, and you will train your brain at the same time – instead of just idly looking through the windows. It’s a great and worthy investment, and it will help you to have fun while you’re on the road.

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