Tradition Russian Chess Pieces or Troy vs Sparta Chessmen

Sometimes you may find that you don’t need a whole new chess set; you may have a perfectly good board, but just want a different set of pieces to shake things up for your next game.

This is a great way to entertain children with fun themed sets, while keeping your favorite playing set in good condition. We offer many chessmen sets that can be great additions to your collection.

Fun Themed Sets

The Troy vs. Sparta Chessmen are themed chessmen that feature iconic characters from Greek mythology.

These are resin pieces that are painted with details such as textured stone pedestals and armor. One side is red and yellow, while the opposing side is blue and green. In place of Rooks and Knights, this set includes a Trojan Horse and a sailing ship for one side, and a rearing horse with a castle tower for the other.

The tallest piece is the King, coming in at 3.25 inches. There may be some slight confusion between Pawns and the Bishop, both being represented by men of similar size; however, the Pawn figures wear armor where the Bishops do not.

Themed sets are great to break up the monotony of playing with the same traditional pieces and can help keep the game more exciting for beginners.

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Traditional Chess Pieces

The Traditional Russian chess piece set is made of carved boxwood and Sheesham, for a beautiful light wood against dark wood theme.

traditional russian chess men

These pieces are weighted and include felted bottoms to prevent slipping. These are large pieces, with a King that measures 4.25 inches.

The warm wood is carved in classic chess shapes, but with beautiful stylized profiles that are iconic of Russian chess set design; you’ll never have to worry about pieces being mistaken for others, while still maintaining a unique and custom look for your chess set.

These would be perfect for daily use, as backup pieces for your daily use pieces, or as decorative pieces if your tastes run towards a traditional chess set.


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