Double Queen Chess Set vs Crusades Chess Set

Spotlight Comparison: Double Queen Chess Set vs. Crusades Chess Set

Choosing the right chess set can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to give a set as a gift, or buy your first set. Let’s compare two of our popular chess sets that are in the mid-range price.

The Crusades Chess Set is a themed chess board and pieces set that features Crusader characters as the chessmen.

crusades chess set

While you practice the game of chess, you can engage in a strategic Crusader battle on the classic light and dark wood squares of the board. This chess set features:

• A 14×14 inch wooden board

• 1.75-inch squares in light wood and contrasting dark wood

• Pieces with distinctive features like chainmail, swords, and horses

• A Red vs. White theme

This chess set would make a beautiful display piece, and thanks to the castle figure for the Rook, and the smaller sized Pawns, the pieces are easy to identify; this means that this chess set is as easy to play as it is to look at.

The Black Exclusive Double Queen Chess Set is a modern French-style chess set that includes black and light wood pieces, with a black and light wood board.

black exclusive double queen set

It includes a second Queen figure for both sides, so that advanced players can use a real piece when they win a second Queen in gameplay. This chess set features:

• A minimalist, modern design that is beautiful in its simplicity

• A 14×14 inch wooden board

• Pieces with classic French styling, in smooth wood

• A Natural Wood vs. Black theme

This set would be a perfect “everyday” set for a player who still wants something beautiful and elegant to play on. Despite the simplicity of the board and pieces, this chess set is obviously of high quality, and still easy to transport and use.

Choosing between these sets is a matter of use. If you don’t play that often, or won’t need to travel with your chess set, the Crusades set is perfect for the history buff. The Double Queen set is the best option for everyday play, however.

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