Choosing the Right Chess Set

choosing the right chess set

If you’ve ever been to any chess set shops and taken a look around at the dozens, or hundreds, of sets that are on display, you may understand why choosing the right chess set isn’t an easy decision. It can even be somewhat daunting.

There are so many options to choose from, you may not even know where to start. Here are a few things that can help you narrow down your choice for the best chess set.

Consider the Players

Are you playing with other adults, or will you be teaching a child with this set?

You’ll want to impress when playing with another chess enthusiast. After all, they’ve seen their fair share of chess sets. Marble and alabaster sets serve this purpose well.

alabaster chess set

If you’re introducing a youngin’ to the magical world of chess, you may want to choose an un-weighted chess set made of durable, affordable materials. Wooden sets, or even high-quality plastic sets, are great for this use.

Consider Usability

Themed chess sets are beautiful additions to any home, but if the pieces aren’t easily recognized for what they are, it’s tough to play a good game.

theme chess sets

The rook is a scratching post!

If that’s important to you, choose a set that is easy to pack and travel, and doesn’t allow for any confusion during a game.

Decorative chess products can be used to add a personal touch of style to a room, or be played on special occasions.

Consider the Board

Chess boards can be made out of many materials. Wood is popular, but can get heavy and bulky. If you plan to use your set often and don’t care about the looks, you may want to consider a roll-up chess board made of vinyl. Wooden chess board with drawers are a higher end option to cut down on bulk because they easily store your pieces.

chest set drawers

Finally, don’t forget to choose a chess set that you love. The game of chess is a lifelong addiction, and your chess set should reflect your personality. Pick a set that feels good in your hands, and that you don’t mind staring at for hours at a time.


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