Can you solve Nabokov’s problem? (It’s a hard one!)

A tough nut to crack! White to play and mate in two moves. A beautiful chess composition, but from the hands that have known more stories and poetry than Chess. Vladimir Nabokov, a reputed literary figure and the author of Lolita and other stories, was also a chess lover! He loved poetry and also composing interesting chess positions. Continue reading “Can you solve Nabokov’s problem? (It’s a hard one!)”

Chess Opening Strategy for Beginners

What is a chess opening?

Chess opening is a term that refers to the initial moves which lay the foundation for a chess game.

There are numerous ways of playing the opening phase of a chess game. By the 16th century chess players had already realized that certain opening moves proved more beneficial than others. They had started giving specific names to specific openings and had made the first steps towards the development of opening theory. Continue reading “Chess Opening Strategy for Beginners”