Brass Slim vs. Florence Metal Chess Men

metal chess men comparison

Metal chess sets offer something unique to the collection of a chess lover. Most chess sets are plastic, wood, or natural stone, simply because these materials are seen as traditional and durable.

But metal gives a chess set an edgy appeal, and can create stunning displays with polished chessmen all in a row. These two luxury metal chess sets are worth checking out the next time you need the perfect gift for a chess player in your life.

Florence Chess Men

The Florence Men on Leather Board set is a themed set that features human figures in polished metals; one bright gold set, and one a lighter, silver-toned metal.

florence chess men on leather board

Each piece is standing on an intricate pedestal, and all the pieces are easy to recognize. The Rook pieces are castle towers, and Knight pieces retain their classic horse-head appearance. And the leather chess board looks beautiful to boot.

  • 13 x 13 inch board
  • Made in Italy and Spain
  • 25-inch squares
  • The tallest piece is 3.25 inches.

The Brass Slim Men on Grey Briar Board set combines the classic look of marble with contemporary metal pieces for a unique, eye-catching board.

brass slim men on briar board

The solid brass pieces come in shiny gold and and a dark black finish, and have a slender, elegant look to them. The pieces are in the traditional chess piece shapes, but with a definitely unique, almost mysterious appearance that will be a real show-stopper. The board uses ivory and grey marble squares.

  • 25×17.25-inch framed board
  • The tallest piece is 3.75 inches.
  • 75-inch squares

While both of these metal chess sets would make great additions to a room’s décor or for regular play, they appeal to distinct styles.

  • Lovers of unique art would probably enjoy the Brass Slim Men set
  • Fans of classic sculptures would likely fall in love with the Florence Men set

If these sets are a bit out of your price range, check out our collection of cheap chess sets. The price may be low, but the value is high.

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