Alabaster Chess Sets- A Buyers Guide

What is Alabaster?

Alabaster is a type of soft mineral rock and often used for carving and as a carving stone. It’s calcite based so is typically a soft and light rock. Alabaster is a popular rock for high end chess pieces as it’s possible to create a high level of detail in the carving.


Two Types of Alabaster

There are two types of alabaster rock: Gypsum and Calcite.

Gypsum Alabaster is not advised for chess pieces and some cheap chess pieces maybe gypsum so avoid these sets as even a fingernail can scratch them.

Calcite, also known incorrectly as Onyx Marble is a harder type of alabaster and much more suited to chess pieces as they are far tougher and more resilient to handling and storage.

Alabaster’s natural colour is bone white and due to the porous nature of the stone it is particularly suited to chess pieces as they can be dyed any colour.

History of Alabaster in Sculpting

Alabaster sculptures date back to ancient Mesopotamia in the 7th to 9th Century BC and examples have been found in Iraq and Syria that are types of detailed “Mosul Marble” carvings.


Alabaster Chess Sets sold by Chess Warehouse herald from Italy and Spain and no two sets are the same due to the unique marbling style of the rock means each set is as individual as it’s owner.

Here at Chess Warehouse, we have the finest selection of Alabaster Chess Sets fro you to browse and choose from and our range is typically colour coordinated  to compliment the decor of your home or office. Browse our full selection of alabaster sets today and all of our Alabaster chess pieces come with free U.S Shipping and same day dispatch.

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