Best Chess Set for Kids

Best Chess Set for Kids


Learning chess at a young age can be a great way to introduce kids to an enjoyable hobby, a competitive sport, and a memory and strategic-thinking improvement tool. Most of the chess masters around the world, as well as many well-known geniuses in the fields of math and science, started learning the game as children. The Best Chess Set for Kids can be found here.


Most kids probably start learning on a hand-me-down board, or by playing against an older family member. But if you don’t already have a board, or if you want to surprise a child with a chess set that is all their own, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best set.


Most kids need the chess pieces to be easily distinguished from one another, until they learn to recognize each piece on sight. A themed chess set, like the Robin Hood Chess Set for fantasy and adventure loving children, would be a great way to offer pieces that are easy to recognize; but it’s probably better to start with classical pieces, to help children learn their appearance. Traditional Russian, French, or German chess pieces all have distinctive shapes that are easy to learn.


Another thing to consider is the weight of the pieces. An un-weighted chess set may be easier for little hands to maneuver. You may also want to purchase a board that doubles as a backgammon and chess board, with pieces for those games, to offer more fun ways for the chess board to be used.


Finally, if your child is ready to move on to learning game strategy, consider a teaching board, such as our Giant Teach Board. The clear pockets and acrylic tiles offer a unique perspective on the game of chess that can help learners master strategy faster.

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