Basic Alabaster Set vs. Brass Art Deco Set


If you love the game of chess, but want a chess board that is just a little bit unique, you’ve come to the right place.

We are one of the top chess set shops that offer chess boards, pieces, and sets with a wide range of appeal.

If a themed set isn’t really your style, but you don’t want a traditional board, there are many other options to consider.


The Blue & Grey Basic Alabaster Set is a luxury chess set that would be at home among marbled Hollywood halls, or in a funky bohemian loft.

chess set

This chess set is made of blue and grey squares that are slightly transparent, for a unique style that makes the game both elegant and mysterious.

The deep blue and natural grey pieces are easy to recognize, but carved with more graceful lines than many traditional chess sets.


  • 5×14.5 inch board
  • Made in Italy
  • The largest piece is three inches tall.
  • 5-inch squares


If your style is a little more glamourous, you may want to check out the Brass Art Deco on Grey Briar Board set.

Another luxury board that could easily be at home among the elite, this board looks like something straight out of The Great Gatsby, with its gold and darker brass pieces, and its framed board in similar gold and darker brass squares.

The polished metal pieces are stunning to look at, and lightweight for easy use. Each piece sits on a triangular base that mimics Art Deco style.


  • 25×17.25 inch framed board
  • The largest piece is four inches tall.
  • 75-inch squares


Both of these boards would make beautiful gifts for the chess lover in your life, or create beautiful displays in your home – but both are meant to be played, and all the pieces are easily recognizable.

chess board

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