How Bobby Fischer Got Better at Chess

How Bobby Fischer Got Better at Chess

No matter how long you’ve been playing chess, odds are that you’ve heard of Bobby Fischer, who is the most famous and perhaps greatest chess player of all time. From the age of 14, he competed in and won eight US Championships for chess. By 15, he was the youngest grandmaster in the world and continued to dominate the professional chess world in almost every event he competed in. Finally, in 1972 he won the World Chess Championship by defeating Boris Spassky, cementing his place as a historical figure and pop culture icon. Continue reading “How Bobby Fischer Got Better at Chess”

Learning from your mistakes in Chess

Learning from your mistakes:
When you pick up your tournament game score sheets and dissect them move by move, like a bug under a microscope, you’ll come to understand that every game has a story secretly woven between the moves and hidden away from plain sight. Such stories or lessons are not uncovered unless a passionate chess player starts to analyze the games and review his or her decision-making process. It is then that a chess player starts to value the wisdom of a loss more than all those glittering trophies adorning his cupboard.

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What Makes the Perfect Travel Chess Set

What makes the perfect travel chess set

Chess players know that playing chess is like travelling in a Flux Capacity powered DeLorean and that it can make time fly by. The great thing about the game of chess is that it can be played almost everywhere – and all you will need is a chess board with the pieces, and an opponent – and optionally, a chess clock. So, if you have all of the ingredients, then it means that you can play chess and have fun with it. Continue reading “What Makes the Perfect Travel Chess Set”